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Cloud Document AI

Identity Reader

Extract key informations from ID Card / Passport / Identification Document. Suitable to incorporate into your KYC processing.

Professional AI Solutions for Organizations

EasyOCR Enterprise

Improve OCR accuracy up to more than 99%* by finetuning to your usecase. We also provide OCR-related solutions such as Layout Analysis, Table Extraction, QR Code reader and Natural Language Processing

*Accuracy depends on quality of document and amount of data to be finetuned.



On-Premise or Cloud / API


Improve accuracy up to > 99% with your data


Fully Customizable with 80+ languages supported


Layout / Table / Form Recognition


Signature / QRcode / Barcode Extraction


Semi-Automated Labeling Tool

Open Source Project

Let's advance humanity together by making AI available to everyone!


EasyOCR is leveraging recent works in academic and other open source projects to create a ready-to-use product with state-of-the-art performance. It is used by >10,000 developers with >1,000 public codebases from organizations around the world. This project is a collaborative effort from global developers.

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Design, Build and Deploy an AI solution for your organization

Custom AI and Data Analytics Development

Solve your business problems by leveraging state-of-the-art artificial intelligence and data analytics to design and develop tailor-made solutions for your organization

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